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CCBJ Vol IX No 01-03: Post-Paris Market Drivers

The Paris Agreement was a historic milestone, but in developing countries – source of most future GHG emissions growth – the paths to implementation are long and rocky. Consulting opportunities are diverse and growing, especially for firms with international experience, domain expertise and familiarity with development funding and contracting.

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CCBJ Vol IX No 04-06: Climate Change and Sustainability Consulting for the Institutional Market

Colleges, healthcare systems, K-12 schools, prisons, cultural organizations and other institutions are ramping up their sustainability and resilience investments, providing community leadership and significant source of revenue for consulting & engineering (C&E) and design firms. In general, institutions are taking on energy management and GHG mitigation first, with most just beginning to evaluate resilience. The Northeast is an exception, with growing investment in resilient power infrastructure. Utility market revisions and technology advancements are driving new markets for microgrids with onsite energy storage.

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CCBJ Vol IX No 07-09: Climate Change Markets in U.S. Electric Power

Environmental consulting, engineering and other professional service firms working for North American electric power clients describe a dynamic market where they expect the trends of the last several years to continue: the rapid growth of renewable power; dispatch shifting from coal to gas and retirement of coal plants; planning for long-term decarbonization; and a movement toward distributed energy resources and bi-directional grids. Driving these trends are not only federal and state environmental and energy policies but the vastly improving economics of renewable power technology and low gas prices.

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CCBJ Vol IX No 10-12: Climate Change Markets in Transportation

While the Trump Administration will likely cut federal funding for research into climate impacts on transportation systems, others like state DOTs, regional MPOs and local governments will continue to incorporate climate risks into planning, design and O&M of transport infrastructure. Ironically, Trump may indirectly support adaptation if his promised infrastructure bill passes, since designing for sea level rise and other climate impacts has become common practice. The climate change consulting market for transport agencies is dynamic, especially in coastal regions, and still in its early phases. Highly vulnerable states like New York, Virginia and Florida are just beginning to map out what will be decades-long adaptation strategies. DOT officials in Inland "red" states like Idaho know they're not immune, and projects described here show how consultants help states assess vulnerabilities and prioritize assets for upgrading.

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