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CCBJ Vol IV No 08: Leading Companies in the Climate Change Industry

Since its conception, Climate Change Businesss Journal has theorized that the diverse segments CCBJ defines as the climate change industry would gradually coalesce into a more singularly defined industry, and that the world's largest corporations - most likely first from power, energy, technology and manufacturing - would start to take their place amongst the focused niche players in the larger segments as leaders in this evolving industry. And while not much in the way of global policy has accelerated the coalescing of the industry recently, market growth has provided the incentive for the growing entrance and expansion of the world's biggest companies in the climate change industry.

Inside this edition:

This edition of CCBJ features CCBJ's current market estimates of the $230-billion U.S. and $1,160-billion global climate change industry and the first effort at a top 40 CCI company list follwed by profiles of CCI leaders from major corporations including Siemens (p.3), Daimler (p.6), Johnson Controls (p.9), Shenhua Group (p.12), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (p.15), SAP (p.18), Shell (p.20) and LG Corp. (p.22). To conclude, CCBJ federal analyst Andy Paterson offers perspective on the fallout from the Solyndra bankruptcy (p.25).



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