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EBJ Vol XXIV No 09: Infrastructure Markets

EBJ presents its first dedicated edition to infrastructure and the markets and demand for environmental products and services that result from developments in its various segments. The five basic categories of infrastructure covered are energy, water, communications, transportation, and waste & recycling and experts and industry participants are interviewed in each, although EBJ places emphasis in feature reviews on power, ports, and transportation with a dedicated water edition following. The U.S. lacks sufficient attributes in its infrastructure and funding apparatus to garner even a passing grade in global ratings by analysts, indicating both tremendous needs and potential for growth in U.S. infrastructure markets, but not without significant structural obstacles to overcome. Globally, power rates highest as a market in terms of growth prospects, with water and transportation clear second and third.

Exhibits and data included in this issue are:

  • Best Infrastructure Market for Environmental Companies to 2020
  • Most Popular Markets and Growth Prospects in Infrastructure for Environmental Companies
  • Regional Growth Prospects in Infrastructure Market Segments
  • Growth Prospects in Infrastructure Service Categories
  • CO2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion (million tonnes of CO2)
  • ASCE Grades for America's Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Needs and Spending ($bil)
  • Top 30 North American Infrastructure Projects
  • Michael Baker Corp. Annual Revenues 2006-2010 ($thousands)
  • Survey Respondents Opinion on Policies for Economic Recovery

Table of Contents

01.Infrastructure Overview: Environmental companies see critical infrastructure investment as a driver of business with regulatory pressure and discretionary spending down during the recession and modest recovery so far. Experts and survey respondents assess and rate business prospects in the five major categories of 1-5

02.Power markets look to have the most promise and global prospects are good, but volatility in policy and source mix make power a challenging business for consulting engineers, equipment suppliers and other service 5-10

03.Domestic infrastructure investment needs are great in the United States, but Congress drags it feet on the long anticipated National Infrastructure Bank to provide critical project 10-12

04.Ports wield considerable influence in environmental infrastructure markets as clients and trend-setters; Various ports engage in sustainable initiatives as well as attacking long-standing environmental problems in air, water and transportation 12-16

05.Q&A with CG/LA Infrastructure lists the top projects in North America and links infrastructure to a nation's global 17-20

06.C&E Profiles: HNTB focuses on transportation, WSP Group broadens capability with Sells acquisition, Michael Baker stays close to core clients during tough times, David Evans tops in transportation in the 21-27



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