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EBJ Vol XXV No 05: Solid Waste & Recycling

A review of the solid waste management segment and opportunities for project management and technology firms. The $55-billion U.S. solid waste business had only modest growth of 2% in 2011, but market, resource, technology and pricing trends drive interest, investment and development in innovative waste conversion technologies and other companies focused on diversion and recovery. Waste futurists once dreamed of mining landfills for resources, but today's waste conversion pioneers are more focused on the ongoing waste stream to extract value. Recycling and recovery targets at state levels drive ongoing attention to recycling programs. Statistical summary includes solid waste business profile, changes in the waste stream and market features.

Table of Contents

01.Solid Waste Overview: Historical volumes and disposition trends and business 1-4

02.Waste to energy evolves from mass burn to conversion 5-8

03.Food waste and organics wastestreams provide volume for a number of startup and early stage companies focused on recovery and 9-13

04.E-waste proliferates, but now so do state programs, voluntary industry standards and a number a dedicated firms in a fragmented and emerging market populated mostly by small companies, but leaders in waste and technology are keenly 14-18

05.Waste industry business cycles late in the tepid recovery, but keeps up M&A activity; Republic keeps firm's positions in market and turns to CNG inmost of its new 19-21

06.C&E Profiles: Design and project management firms SCS Engineers, HDR, ET Environmental and WIH Resource Group find major roles in solid waste niches in landfill gas, transfer stations, fuel stations and future applications in waste processing and recycling; UK firm SEaB enters U.S. with a new 22-27

Exhibits and data included in this issue are:

  • Composition of U.S. Waste Stream
  • Before Recycling or Composting - After Composting and Recycling
  • U.S. Recycling, Composting, Combustion and Landfilling of MSW, 1960 to 2010 (in millions of tons)
  • Landfills & WTE Plants by Region
  • Share of MSW in 2010
  • Number of Landfills in the United States, 1988-2010
  • U.S. Curbside Recyclables Collection Programs in 2009
  • 2010 Universe of U.S. Solid Waste Management Companies
  • Waste Conversion Projects Coming Online in North America
  • Global E-Scrap and E-Waste Generation (million tons)
  • State Laws and Programs for Electronic Waste
  • Management of Used and End-Of-Life Electronics in the United States in 2009 (million units)
  • State Laws and Programs for Electronic Waste
  • Management of Used and End-Of-Life Electronics in the United States in 2009 (million units)
  • Republic Services by the Numbers in 2012
  • Revenues for Allied Waste and Republic Services


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