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CCBJ Vol V No 10: Renewable Energy Review & Outlook Part II - Geothermal, Hydrokinetic, Fuel Cells, and Biomass

Part II in a series on renewable energy markets focuses on "other" renewables and details the $1.2 billion renewable energy consulting & engineering (C&E) industry that serves developers, consumers, independent power producers, utilities, integrated system manufacturers and others who are investing in projects and driving this market.

Wind and solar still dominate the U.S. non-hydro renewable power sector, with more than 95% of capacity additions in recent years. That's a source of frustration to developers of established technologies geothermal, biomass and waste-to-energy-highlighted in this edition, along with emerging technologies fuel cells and hydrokinetic power-who point out that they provide higher-value baseload power.

Utilities will have to reconcile the costs of wind and solar's intermittence and prioritize these more reliable renewables if they are to grow in share. In the meantime, there are still project opportunities for developers and the consulting & engineering firms that serve them.

Table of Contents

01.Geothermal Feature: Success stories warm otherwise tepid year for 2-6

02.Stationary Fuel Cell Feature: Early leaders FuelCell Energy, ClearEdge Power and UTC Power share perspective about their businesses and the future of stationary fuel 7-11

03.Hydrokinetic Feature: While not baseload power, hydrokinetic energy is more reliable and predictable than wind and solar; controlling O&M costs is key to 12-15

04.Profiles: Environmental firm Apex serves a new niche in offshore wind projects; SEaB Energy pursues U.S. market for anaerobic digestion at remote 16-18

05.Biomass Feature: Biomass power needs special situations to 19-21

06.WTE & LFG Feature: Decline in natural gas prices slows growth in landfill gas projects in the U.S., but waste-to-energy forges ahead around the 22-26



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