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CCBJ Vol VI No 10: Climate Change and the Mining Industry

The mining and minerals industry provides a compelling example of an industry challenged by climate change adaptation and offering a new business opportunities for project managers and technology providers. Mining operations are frequently located in the world's most rugged landscapes, with harsh climates and extreme weather. Increasingly, global climate change is challenging mine operators' ability to operate profitably and safely, with threats ranging from droughts and floods to a greater incidence of vectorborne diseases such as malaria and early thawing that have threatened the vital "ice road" truck deliveries for Canadian Arctic diamond mines.

Climate change presents opportunities and risks to the mining industry. On one hand global warming creates access to new reserves, but on the other it exacerbates problems faced by mining operations, including transportation access, flood, and drought in a highly water-reliant industry. Firms in this edition report a growing market for adaptation services by the mining sector as it responds to the need to identify and disclose risks and plan for the uncertainties of climate change.

Table of Contents

01.ICMM report evaluates impact and business 6

02.Q&A with Newmont Mining addresses its biggest 11

03.Renewables in the mining industry: exploring a cleaner business 12

04.Profiles: AECOM creates strategies for mining clients; Black & Veatch forms new mining group; Golder puts climate in miners' risk 15

05.Groundwater limits force miners to seek 17

06.Controversy over the environmental impacts of mining in the Copper 22



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