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CCBJ Vol VIII No 07-09: Climate Change in Environmental Impact Assessments

Climate change has become a small but important part of environmental impact assessments in Europe, California, New York and elsewhere in the U.S. where federal NEPA is triggered—as well as in developing countries when international investors and lenders are backing a project. Greenhouse gas (GHG) analyses are most common, but climate risk assessments and adaptation strategies are slowly becoming an element of more and more EIAs globally.

This issue explores the quickly evolving regulatory drivers to incorporate climate change in EIAs with special attention on California, New York, the UK and projects under federal NEPA jurisdiction.

Table of Contents

01.CA requires GHG analyses in EIRs; climate risks, adaptation 7

02.Post-Sandy NYC on front lines of resilience 15

03.Profile: SCS Engineers grows GHG business in 19

04.Profile: Environmental Sciences Associates leads policy dialogues on CEQA and climate 21

05.Climate risks move higher on EIA agenda in 23

06.Profile: Golder Associates looks at climate change in 10-15% of 26

07.TRC Companies sees new regulations on climate in 29

08.Special Feature: Large insurers speaking louder on climate 31



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