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EBJ Vol XXVIII No 12: Executive Review 2016 and 2015 EBJ Business Achievement Awards

EBJ's annual edition listing the EBJ Business Achievement Awards from the previous year and Q&As with key senior executives in the environmental industry. The detailed treatment of 50+ award winners provides a view into what separated successful companies, projects and technologies in the environmental industry in 2015. Winners are divided into business achievement or growth by size. Awards are also issued in M&A, IT and new practice areas. Outstanding projects and new technology development or applications are awarded Project Merit Awards or Technology Merit Awards. Finally companies are recognized for contributions to the industry and society at large. Executive Q&As are presented with the following senior executives detail their market perspectives, strategic priorities, management initiatives, policy opinions and insights into their business and the industry.

Table of Contents

01.EBJ 2015 Business Achievement Awardspg 1-10

02.EBJ's What's in and What's Out for 2016pg 11

03.Joshua Lipton, VP, Environment & Natural Resources, ABT Associatespg 12

04.Dan McConville, President of Business Solutions, MWH Globalpg 13

05.Elizabeth Krol, National Client Manager, Partner Engineering and Science 16

06.Kenny Ogilvie, Chief Executive Officer, EHS Supportpg 18

07.Phil Coop, Chairman and Co-founder, Don Bradford, Chief Executive Officer, and Mike Wood, Chief Financial Officer, EnSafepg 20

08.John Diecker, Managing Director, APT Consulting Grouppg 21

09.Holly Neber, President, AEI Consultantspg 23

10.Peter Possemiers, Executive VP for Environment, Health & Safety, SGS Grouppg 26

11.Jerry Strub, Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Growth Consulting 29

12.Guy Neal, President, Mark Leece, Prinicipal Engineer, Ron Petti, Principal and ex-offio CEO, PBS Engineering and Environmental 31



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Business Achievement Awards