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EBJ Vol XXIX No 03 & 04: Environmental Contracting Services 2016

This edition of EBJ features analysis on two major segments of the environmental industry: hazardous waste management and remediation/industrial services that together comprise environmental contracting. These sectors — the “contracting” segments of the environmental industry — accounted for $24.5 billion in revenues in 2015, according to EBJ segmentation and analysis portrayed in charts and tables in this edition along with a ranking and profiles of top companies. The environmental contracting business totaled $24.5 billion in the United States in 2015, according to research by Environmental Business International, publisher of EBJ, with a fractional 0.1% gain in aggregated revenues of eight sub-segments. Environmental contracting as defined here by EBI includes the total of two of EBI 14 segments in the $371-billion U.S. environmental industry: $10.9-billion in Hazardous Waste Management and $13.6-billion in Remediation/Industrial Services.

Exhibits and data included in and with this issue are:

  • U.S. Environmental Contracting Industry 2000-2016e ($bil)
  • U.S. Hazardous Waste Management Industry in 2015 ($bil)
  • U.S. Remediation/Industrial Services Industry in 2015 ($bil)
  • U.S. Environmental Contracting Markets in 2014-2015 ($bil)
  • US Hazardous Waste Management: Biennial Report Totals: Millions of Tons in ‘Receipts’ by Off-Site Facilities , 2001-2013
  • US Hazardous Waste Management: Biennial Report Totals: Millions of Tons in ‘Managed’ by On-Site Facilities, 2001-2013
  • U.S. Hazardous Waste Market by Segment 1987-2016e ($bil)
  • U.S. Hazardous Waste Business in 2015: Incineration Capacity & Landfill Volume
  • U.S. Industrial Services Market 2000-2016e ($bil)
  • U.S. Industrial Services Industry in 2015
  • Top U.S. Industrial Services Companies in the Environmental Industry in 2015
  • U.S. Remediation Market 1988-2016e, Public vs. Private ($mil)
  • Stericycle Revenues, USA vs. Foreign, 2006-2015
  • Heritage - Crystal Clean Revenues 2009-2015
  • M&A Transactions in Environmental Services, 2008-2015
  • Envirocon $127 million in 2014 Revenues
  • Clean Earth Total Revenues 2010-2015
  • Recent Acquisitions of National Response Corporation
  • Arcadis Gross Revenues, 2011-2015 (€ millions)
  • AECOM Revenue by Client 2013-2015 ($mil)
  • AECOM Revenue by End Market: $18 Billion in 2015
  • RSK Group Revenues 2011-2015 (£mil)
  • Clean Harbors Revenues by Division: 2009-2015
  • Clean Harbors Client Revenue Breakdowns

Table of Contents

01.Environmental Contracting Overview: Environmental Contracting Overview: The $24.5 billion environmental contracting segments of the environmental industry have remained bascially flat for the past two years as postives in construction and manufacturing are balanced by declines in government spending and oil & gas; Mid-sized firms leverage client focus and private equity partnerships to grow in competitive markets; Larger firms stay ahead with investments in technical expertise and new 1-7

02.ENTACT grows 8% per year, keeps capex low in competitive remediation 8

03.Envirocon faces price pressure; finds opportunity in coal combustion 9

04.Clean Earth expands beyond its Northeast niches in special waste with tuck-in acquisitions following 2014 sale to private 11

05.Sevenson Environmental Services stresses innovation to stay 12

06.NRC broadens service lines and geographic footprint with 14

07.Arcadis CTO assesses the state of remediation 17

08.Heritage Environmental helping clients extract value from 20

09.EAES&T expert sees evolution in site 21

10.AECOM leadership in remediation has global 22

11.RSK Group wins award for Iraq work; faces ongoing challenges in Middle 25

12.Ross Environmental regroups; diversifies through 29

13.Clean Harbors responds to oil & gas slump; charges ahead with new initiatives in incineration & oil recovery 30



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