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EBJ Vol XXIII No 06: Environmental Information

Environmental software vendors have evolved into solutions services firms as the environmental information market changes almost at the pace of information technology. Venture investment, M&As and growth persist in environmental information through the recession, largely fueled by the burgeoning market for carbon/greenhous gas systems or enterprise carbon accounting (ECA). EHS software vendors, IT firms, environmental consultants, energy management and accounting firms all compete in the dynamic market to provide information management solutions to corporations and government.

Table of Contents

01.Climate change policy opens market for carbon/GHG information 3-5

02.Global regulations are putting more pressure on business to comply and information providers to create automated 6-7

03.Carbon Trading is established in Europe but software systems to manage and implement carbon trading are slow to 8-9

04.Profiles of Environmental Information, Software and Software as a Service Vendors: Locus Technologies, EarthSoft, IHS, Enviance, Enablon, ENXSuite, ADEC 10-19



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