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EBJ Vol XXIII No 10: Energy Efficiency

The $50-billion U.S. energy efficiency business is mostly equipment and systems, but services and specialty markets like smart grid and demand response applications and are a more repidly growing component that will exceed $10 billion in 2010. Federal stimulus and other efforts to open up financing have sustained growth thorugh the economic cycle and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), Energy Service Providers and Consulting engineering firms with EE/DR practices all compete at various levels of the market.Exhibits include market size from 2000-2010, market segments in 6 subsegments in 2008-2009 and results of an EBJ survey forecasting growth and rating client segments.

Table of Contents

01.Energy Efficiency Market Overview: A discussion of market drivers, competitior types, customer types and business 1-4

02.ARRA funds flow in earnest in 2010 but with only $3 billion in outlays out of an allocation of $12 billion from three DOE programs, activity remains 5-9

03.States benefit from federal funds, but set their own energy efficiency agenda in terms of policy and 9-11

04.Venture investing across clean technology falls in mid-2010, but solar¡¯s decline is bouyed by a mix of deals in energy efficiency, smart grid and other 11-13

05.Company profiles detail energy efficiency activities at Siemens, TRC Companies, AECOM Technology, Schneider Electric, Honeywell and 13-21



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