CCBJ Vol VI No 12: 2014 Executive Review & 2013 CCBJ Awards


In this Executive Review issue, CCBJ’s Fifth Annual Business Achievement Awards recognize more than 30 recipients that include high achievers in growth, finance, new technology and practice areas, and notable projects in several climate change industry segments. In 10 executive Q&As that follow, leaders in consulting, project development, policy and power share their perspective on the market and business challenges ahead.

Climate change presents opportunities and risks to the mining industry. On one hand global warming creates access to new reserves, but on the other it exacerbates problems faced by mining operations, including transportation access, flood, and drought in a highly water-reliant industry. Firms in this edition report a growing market for adaptation services by the mining sector as it responds to the need to identify and disclose risks and plan for the uncertainties of climate change.

Executive Q&As inside this issue:

  • Martin Grant, Atkins' CEO for Energy (p15-16)
  • Ken Weiss, Managing Partner, Air Quality and Climate Change Practice, ERM (p17-19)
  • Stephanie Engwall, Senior Project Director for Apex Companies (p20-21)
  • J. Ned Dempsey, Chairman and President, Pneu-Logic (p21-23)
  • Paul Sellew, Founder and CEO, Harvest Power (p23-24)
  • Paul Smokler, AECOM¡¯s Environment Power Market Sector Lead for North America (p25-27)
  • Paul Staples, Founder and Chairman of Hygen Industries (p28-29)
  • Rebecca R. Rubin and John Englander on Adapting to Sea Level Rise (p30)
  • Mike Rosenfeld, Vice-Consul with UK Trade & Investment (p31-33)
  • Rebecca R. Rubin, President and CEO, Marstel-Day (p34-35)


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