CCBJ Vol VIII No 04-06: Water Utilities & Climate Change


This edition of CCBJ focuses on water supply and water quality challenges in the context of climate change, and how water utilities and water users are working with consulting engineers, technology providers and others for short- and long-term solutions to address current problems and plan for possible scenarios.

For water utilities climate change is a "threat multiplier" for staff and consultants already coping with drought, sea level rise, coastal aquifer intrusion and new water quality challenges. The market for climate risk assessments and planning is small but growing, and new technology and infrastructure finance mechanisms are seen as key.

Table of Contents

01.Overview: Stressed water utilities begin to grapple with climate 1

02.Climate change's impact on water 10

03.Drought and population growth drive solutions to water shortages in 15

04.Market for Smart Water tech and systems ramps 20

05.Growing importance of corporate water 24

06.Florida water managers add climate change to long list of 28

07.California begins tackling epic water 33

08.Profile: Hazen and Sawyer leads in water demand 37

09.New York climate change and water resources 40

10.Seattle Public Utilities leads climate and water adaptation 42



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