CCBJ Vol IX No 01-03: Post-Paris Market Drivers


The Paris Agreement was a historic milestone, but in developing countries – source of most future GHG emissions growth – the paths to implementation are long and rocky. Consulting opportunities are diverse and growing, especially for firms with international experience, domain expertise and familiarity with development funding and contracting.

Table of Contents

01.Business Opportunities after Paris: An overview of the consulting marketplace after Paris, including corporate strategic advisory consulting and work with aid agencies and MDBs to refine and develop INDCs and 1

02.Carbon Pricing: regional carbon trading, self-regulation by aviation, shipping expected to emerge 7

03.Ricardo Energy & Environment: INDCs were the first wave of much larger flow of work to refine GHG plans in developing 9

04.USAID puts climate change at the top of its 13

05.Asian Development Bank ramps up funding for GHG mitigation, looks to couple low-carbon development with easing 17

06.ADB's work in Vietnam sets examples for GHG mitigation, climate change resilience in "secondary cities".pg 18

07.World Bank looks to use carbon credits to drive structural 22

08.Urban planning consultants and smart-growth advocates have their work cut out for them in 24

09.Clean Power Plan guides power market scenarios in spite of SCOTUS 28

10.GHD develops top position as RE consultant in 31

11.ERM leveraging strategic consulting chops to help global clients assess risks and opportunities in 34

12.Cascadia Consulting gains foothold in USAID contracting 36

13.Anthesis sees Paris and EU Circular Economy policies driving more focus on supply 37



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