CCBJ Vol I No 03-04: Solar Energy


The solar energy industry grew 38% in 2007 and generated $23 billion in global revenues, according to CCBJ research. While it still represents only 0.1% of global electricity generation, solar is quickly expanding share.

Inside this edition:

  • CCBJ quantification of the solar energy industry, illustrated with charts forecasting future growth, and revenue estimates for the photovoltaics, concentrated solar and solar hot water segments. Plus estimates for the electricity value generated by each. Ranking of market drivers for the solar energy industry and other insights from a proprietary CCBJ survey of more than 60 solar companies.
  • Overview and analysis of the photovoltaics market
  • Review of concentrated solar power (CSP)
  • Venture capitalists in the solar business
  • Market makers: Integrators and deal specialists ease PV's large capital cost
  • Summary of solar water markets in U.S., Europe and Canada
  • Cutting-edge businesses and financing models reshape PV and solar water heating markets.
  • Profiles of manufacturers, project developers and utilities


Abengoa Solar, Acciona Solar Power, Alternate Energy Technologies, Ausra, Black & Veatch, BP Solar, BrightSource, Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital, Cyrium Technologies, DRI Energy, EnerWorks, ENSR, Fire Mountain Solar, First Solar, FPL Group, Harper Lake, PV Energy Systems, SkyFuel, Solar PST, SolarWorld California, Sterling Planet, Stirling Energy, Sun Earth, Sun Edison, Sun Run, Sunlight Electric, SunPower, Suntech, VantagePoint Partners, Xantrex, Xcel Energy.



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