CCBJ Vol I No 11: Energy Storage


CCBJ estimates that storage devices generated $2 billion in revenues in the United States in 2008 through the arbitrage of on-peak/off-peak rates and sales of ancillary services such as frequency regulation. Most revenues were generated by pumped storage hydropower systems, a small amount from the one existing compressed air energy storage plant in the United States, and even smaller amounts from flywheel and battery systems. The market may be small today, but it has enormous potential. In this edition, CCBJ profiles leading energy storage technology developers and interviews storage experts at independent system operators and utilities who view energy storage as a critical enabling technology to integrate large volumes of intermittent renewable power.

Inside this edition:

  • Cover story: Overview of market drivers for energy storage; storage technologies, their applications and markets; and regulatory issues shaping the market.
  • Perspectives from private equity and venture capital investors, and summary of recent deals, joint ventures and mergers & acquisitions.
  • Profiles of advanced battery and flywheel technology vendors including Beacon Power, Premium Power, NGK and Axion Power International.
  • Profiles of competing technologies in the compressed air energy storage market, plus an update on the largest proposed CAES project in the world.
  • Perspectives from leading global engineering firm on the future of the most widely deployed utility scale storage technology, pumped storage hydropower.


American Electric Power, Better Place, California Independent System Operator, Cleantech Group, Dresser-Rand, Electric Power Research Institute, Electricity Storage Assn., Energy Storage and Power, Haddington Ventures, KEMA, Lux Research, Maxwell Technologies, MWH, PSEG Global, Technology Insights, Teledyne Energy and Power Systems, VantagePoint Venture Partners, Xcel Energy and others.



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