CCBJ Vol III No 12: North American Climate Policy Edition


With the November 2010 election foreclosing prospects for a federal cap-and-trade bill before 2013, CCBJ examines state and provincial and the multiple rulemaking initiatives of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in our new North American Climate Policy edition.

While climate policy advocates lost ground, the post-election picture has some bright spots. With an endorsement from 61% of the state's voters, California will start its cap and trade system in 2012-likely joined by Canada's three most populous provinces which have moved decisively on climate policy while Ottawa awaits U.S. action. Support remains strong for the RGGI program in the Northeast as the focus shifts to tightening the cap and tackling vehicle emissions. A big question for climate policy going forward is how the battle between Obama's EPA and Congressional Republicans will shape up. Another question: does a national renewable energy standard have a chance if nuclear and cleaner-coal power qualify? This edition explores these and other issues with some of the continent's top policy analysts and consultants-and as usual we examine what it all means for the climate change industry.



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