Report 4400: U.S. Energy Storage


Report 4400: U.S. Energy Storage (updated for 2015) focuses on the Energy Storage Industry which at the utility level is a $2.7-billion industry in the United States. Batteries and fuel cells for transportation and other non-consumer uses represent an additional $17 billion, but the broader energy storage business offers considerable potential given the interest of investors, utilities, governments and the world's largest corporations.

Integrating wind and solar power is the key driver for grid energy storage, but storage devices can also be used to arbitrage electricity prices, generate revenues from ancillary services, provide reactive power and other services-if regulatory challenges can be sorted out. These are heady times for the grid electricity storage industry. After years of technology development, commercial-scale projects using advanced batteries are becoming a reality. The FERC queue for pumped storage hydro projects has topped 50 GW. Compressed air energy storage is getting new attention, with one major Midwestern energy company exploring CAES as a transmission asset.

This 164-page Energy Storage Industry report, with market data breakdowns and forecasts, and the latest trends and strategies derived from various executive interviews.

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