Technology Merit: Water/Wastewater


Severn Trent Services (Fort Washington, PA; for the introduction of several new products that advance the state of the art in water and wastewater treatment. The new Capital Controls Series 70CV3000 Chloromatic Intelligent Gas Flow Control Valve is a wall-mounted system designed to control chemical feed in water or wastewater applications. The Series 70CV3000 eliminates the need for continuous operator monitoring and manual adjustment of the gas feed rate resulting from changes in flow or residual levels. The automation of the chemical feed process yields a reduction in gas consumption for water and wastewater utilities, since manual system feed rates are based on peak process conditions. Severn Trent also introduced the MicroDynamics Closed Vessel Microwave Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system, which sports an innovative UV design that's suitable for use across a range of municipal and industrial applications, including municipal water and wastewater treatment, swimming pool disinfection, cooling tower water disinfection, industrial water treatment and certified Cryptosporidium treatment. The system uses microwave energy to energize the bulbs and generate consistent-strength UV disinfection. Finally, Severn Trent De Nora introduced two new marine sanitation systems to meet stringent new MEPC.159 55 requirements, which go into effect in January 2010. The OMNIPURE Series 55 and MARINER OMNIPURE Series M55 are lightweight marine sanitation systems that comply with MEPC.159(55) effluent standards and performance tests for sewage treatment plants across a variety of offshore and marine installations. The systems have received Bureau Veritas certification for IMO Resolution MEPC.159(55) regulation.

EcoVu (Ottawa, Ontario; for the introduction of a water purification technology designed to remove finely dispersed materials that stay suspended in water and carry contaminants such as metals, organic pollutants, hormone disruptors, and pathogenic micro-organisms. The technology captures these contaminants simultaneously, efficiently, and economically, according to the company. It provides a fully scalable and optimized single-step capture process that can yield cost savings of up to 50% by eliminating the need for most traditional high cost components and procedures used in water treatment systems. EcoVu is developing the technology for use in a broad range of industrial applications ranging from municipal water treatment to the nuclear power generation. The company has received multiple awards for its innovation, including in 2009 the IEEE Ottawa Section's outstanding corporate award and the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation "Company of the Year" award.

ASA Analytics (Waukesha, WI; for introduction of the ChemScan mini oP analyzer, a process analyzer for ortho-phosphorous analysis. Analysis of ortho-phosphorous offers substantial benefits for plant operators, providing the information needed to improve plant efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and minimize chemical costs. Major applications include feed control for chemical phosphorous removal in wastewater and regulation of corrosion control chemicals in drinking water. The ChemScan mini oP analyzer builds on proven ChemScan technology, including sample flow paths designed to avoid plugging by use of large orifice sizes, compared to the capillary tubes and needle valves typical in most other analyzers. The analyzer can operate for three months between reagent service and major analyzer wear items can be replaced in less than five minutes. Sample blank analysis on every cycle simplifies setup, reduces error and eliminates the need for calibration standards. This new, single-sample-line, single-parameter analyzer brings affordable ortho-phosphorus monitoring to every plant.