Industry Leadership Awards


Black & Veatch (Overland Park, KS) for engaging in a series of discussions to promote increased reuse of water on a global scale. In September 2010, Dan McCarthy, president and CEO of Black & Veatch's global water business, made four key recommendations for overcoming global barriers to the reuse of water as part of an integrated water industry portfolio. McCarthy led high-level roundtable discussions with approximately 75 water industry thought leaders at or during six major global conferences, generating recommendations to help the water industry overcome identified barriers to water reuse. The recommendations are part of McCarthy's white paper, titled "Overcoming Global Barriers to Water Reuse" (available at The six conversations-three in the United States, two in Asia Pacific and one in Europe-featured panelists with a wide spectrum of experience in water reuse from leading agencies in 13 countries. Representatives discussed common themes and specific regional differences in reuse practices. Some came from regions with rapidly expanding populations, some from water-stressed locations, and others from areas where water is plentiful.

AECOM Technology Corp. (Los Angeles, CA) for building on its International Audit Protocol Consortium (IAPC), thereby expanding thought leadership in global EHS management by developing and maintaining a comprehensive knowledge database of global EHS auditing practices and management information. AECOM established IAPC in 1996 to promote excellence in international EHS management and auditing. Through its third biennial EHS survey, conducted in 2010, AECOM claims to have established itself as the leading resource for critical longitudinal data that tracks changes in corporate EHS auditing practices over time and identifies emerging EHS trends. AECOM's 2010 survey collected detailed data and best practices information from 53 leading multinational companies, adding new areas of focus, including information technology and auditing, supply chain and waste vendor auditing, and improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of global EHS audits. Multinational corporations use the survey data to validate current auditing practices or justify program changes. AECOM publishes survey results and analysis for IAPC members and makes a report available to other companies.