Technology Merit: Remediation


The Shaw Group (Baton Rouge, LA) for developing a new, cost-effective technology to manage explosive residues at military training and testing ranges. With funding from DOD's Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program and Environmental Security Technology Certification Program, Shaw created and validated a biological remediation technology using peat moss and soybean oil (PMSO). The PMSO technology effectively immobilizes and promotes the biological degradation of a wide range of explosive compounds and their respective breakdown products before they reach the water table. The materials are environmentally benign, readily available in bulk, and can be mixed and handled with common material handling equipment. In tests performed under field conditions, PMSO reduced the flux of RDX contamination through soil by greater than 500-fold when compared with untreated soil.

ARCADIS U.S. (Denver, CO) for its development of the BalancE3 tool as part of the company's green and sustainable remediation (GSR) practice. BalanceE3 is a sustainability assessment tool that helps create a standardized and verifiable platform for applying quantified GSR analyses across a vast array of scales and applications, ranging from the remedial technology level to the site-wide remedy level, to an all-inclusive portfolio-wide sustainability assessment. Beyond the green remediation elements commonly accepted by the various regulatory agencies (air, water, energy, land and ecosystems, and materials and wastes), the BalancE3 tool further considers additional balancing criteria, including health and safety, stewardship, and life-cycle costs.