Business Achievement: Mergers & Acquisitions


Gold MedalCardno Ltd. (Brisbane, Australia) for establishing a major environmental footprint in the United States through three acquisitions: ENTRIX (Houston, TX) and Environmental Resolutions Inc. (ERI; Irvine, CA) in June for about $106.3 million U.S., and JFNew (Walkerton, IN) in December. ENTRIX is a provider of environmental and natural resource consulting services specializing in water resources management, environmental risk management, facility permitting and compliance, and natural resource economics. ERI specializes in soil and groundwater remediation, primarily focused on the petrochemical industry. JFNew provides natural resource management, environmental permitting, and habitat restoration services and operates a native plant nursery in northern Indiana. Cardno consolidated ENTRIX and ERI into a new environmental and ecological consulting unit, and subsequently added JFNew to that unit. With these acquisitions, Cardno established a major presence in the U.S. environmental market with a staff of 900-plus people.

Silver MedalTetra Tech, Inc. (Pasadena, CA) for acquiring five companies during its 2010 fiscal year ending on October 3, 2010, and one other at the beginning of FY2011. These deals included two major Canadian acquisitions that expanded Tetra Tech's geographic reach and technical service capabilities in Canada. With EBA Engineering Consultants, Ltd. and BPR now on board, and following the successful FY2009 acquisition of Wardrop Engineering, Tetra Tech has more than 3,500 employees throughout Canada. EBA operates primarily in northern and western Canada and provides natural science, engineering, and arctic engineering services to the mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors. BPR operates throughout Quebec and provides multidisciplinary consulting and engineering services for water, energy, industrial plant, facilities, and infrastructure projects. The two newly acquired Canadian firms have combined annual revenues of approximately $270 million U.S. Tetra Tech also continued to expand its international development services by acquiring the U.S.-based international development consulting practice from London-based PA Consulting Group, a practice that generates about $35 million of annual revenue. Tetra Tech also acquired smaller specialty firms, including Hydromantis Inc. (Hamilton, Ontario); ADVENT Engineering Services Inc. (Ann Arbor, MI); and Clancy Environmental Consultants, Inc. (St. Albans, VT).

Bronze MedalIHS Inc. (Englewood, CO) for strengthening its position in the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) and sustainability software market space by acquiring Atrion International Inc. (Montreal, Quebec) and Syntex Management Systems Inc. (Houston, TX) for a combined purchase price of approximately $80 million. Founded in 1989, Atrion International provides products related to chemicals and hazardous materials management and communication. Its regulatory content covers more than 50 countries and 44 languages. Syntex, founded in 1995, provides operational risk management software and services aimed at ensuring worker health and safety, preventing accidents, protecting the environment, and cutting operating costs. IHS has invested over $200 million in corporate acquisitions to establish a presence in the EHS information market. Other acquisitions in 2010 included Emerging Energy Research (Cambridge, MA), an advisory firm serving the alternative energy market, and assets from the chemical and energy portfolio of business-to-business information company Access Intelligence LLC (Rockville, MD).

Honorable MentionEQ - The Environmental Quality Company (Wayne, MI) for its acquisition of four new facilities in 2010. In May, EQ acquired Envirite, including all waste treatment, transportation, service and recycling operations at its three facilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. These three locations are now known as EQ Ohio, EQ Illinois, and EQ Pennsylvania. The acquisition added approximately 100 employees to the EQ staff and $30 million dollars in revenue. In August, EQ acquired a hazardous waste management facility from A Clean Environment (ACE; Tulsa, OK). This facility is now known as EQ Oklahoma. The purchase of the ACE facility added approximately 15 employees and $5 million dollars in revenue to the company. This acquisition continues EQ's expansion and presence in the western United States. The growth that the company experienced over the year brings EQ to a total of 25 treatment, disposal, and recycling facilities in the U.S., employing over 800 people.

Honorable MentionScience Applications International Corp. (SAIC; Washington, DC) for consolidating several recent acquisitions in the environmental and energy area into a single organization. Recognizing the critical nexus of energy, environment, and infrastructure, SAIC over the past three years has acquired The Benham Companies LLC and R. W. Beck, Inc. to strengthen its existing energy/environment capabilities. Benham has won prestigious industry awards for energy efficient design and construction excellence, and R. W. Beck brings extensive experience advancing the business of energy, water, and waste resources. With the addition of these two companies, SAIC has 3,500 professionals focused on serving the environment, energy, and infrastructure market. To more effectively leverage these resources, SAIC has aligned them into one cohesive organization-SAIC Energy, Environment & Infrastructure, LLC. From analyzing and integrating energy, water, waste, and climate change technologies to designing, building, and operating infrastructure systems, SAIC Energy, Environment & Infrastructure offers deep domain expertise to strengthen customers' enterprises and help them thrive in a complex world.