Business Achievement: IT Companies


EarthSoft (Concord, MA) for growth in revenue, client base, and product introductions. EarthSoft's hosting revenues grew 87% in 2010, as more clients continued to sign up for EQuIS Online, EarthSoft's cloud-computing product. Maintenance revenues, approximately one-third of EarthSoft's overall revenue, grew by 13% in 2010. EarthSoft released several new products, including the Environmental Data Gathering Engine (EDGE), EQuIS for ArcGIS Server (for web GIS), Sample Planning Module (SPM), and an updated EQuIS supporting ArcGIS version 10. A new Vapor Air EDD was also released. New clients in 2010 included the state of Iowa, Pace Laboratories, SGS, Louis Berger, Matrix Solutions, and many others. New Australian clients included Golder, URS, 4T, and Syrinx. New European clients included ARCADIS, ERM, and Golder. Worley Parsons in United Arab Emirates, the city of Tacoma, Chesapeake Energy, Maul Foster & Alongi, Weiss Associates, PPM Consultants, Gannett-Fleming, TEI, First Environment, IBM, BASF, Weston, and others were also added to the client list.

Locus Technologies (Los Angeles, CA) for introducing several product enhancements and adding new clients in 2010. Over the past year, many of the firm's Environmental Information Management (EIM) customers expanded their deployments of Locus into operations data management, utilizing strategic business intelligence tools to maintain environmental compliance, manage organizational change, track sustainability, and respond to upcoming environmental requirements, including GHG reporting. To meet this demand, Locus rolled out an upgraded computing platform in June and added and enhanced compliance and air modules in October. The firm signed multiple new customers in the nuclear (Exelon and Southern California Edison) and fossil-fuel power generation sectors, and grew its ePortal compliance solution by 400%. Locus also added 30 new customers for GHG services. In November, Locus's water footprint and spatial analysis capability was recognized by software industry research analyst Gartner, and in December Locus obtained a second layer of SAS70 certification for its cloud computing operations.

3E Company (Carlsbad, CA) for introducing and enhancing several product lines in 2010. These product introductions and enhancements include the following: the Green Product Analyzer, which facilitates the development and selection of safer, more environmentally friendly products and offers instant access to the critical information needed to support emerging sustainability initiatives; multiple GHS enhancements to the MSDgen material safety data sheet (MSDS) Authoring System to streamline the development of hazard communication documents for multiple jurisdictions; C&L Inventory Notification Services to assist manufacturers and importers with classification and labelling requirements and subsequent European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) notification under the European Union's Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation; the Ariel Multilingual Exposure Scenario (ES) Phrase Library, which can be used to create the exposure scenarios that will be part of European Safety Data Sheets; an enhanced version of the Chemical Approval Module, which helps chemical approval managers to effectively manage and control what chemicals enter a given facility; and the Ariel Rules Builder, a new application for SAP EHS Management users that facilitates the generation of accurate and reliable MSDS content.

Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR; Milford, CT) for growth and the introduction of new environmental information products and services. EDR recently launched the GreenProperty Report (GPR), which enables home owners and buyers in all 50 states to access information about the historical and current use of land in their neighborhoods that may pose environmental risks. Property owners can screen hundreds of high-profile databases within one-third of a mile of the property. EDR also developed and introduced the EDR VEC App, which helps environmental professionals screen for vapor intrusion integrating into a single view multiple data sources, including government records, historical Sanborn maps, aerial photographs, information on groundwater direction, and other pertinent data. EDR's Commonground social network for environmental and real estate professionals continued its growth in 2010. Introduced in 2008, it has amassed 6,300 members representing 3,500 companies worldwide and 21,000 discussion posts. From May 2010 to November 2010 web traffic grew 530%, monthly unique new visitors increased by 120%, and daily visits grew 90%.

Enermodal Engineering (Kitchener, Ontario) for its development of an electronic kiosk service for its building clients to help communicate the green building features of buildings certified under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program to the public and their staff and occupants. The kiosk hardware is a 22-inch wall-mounted touchscreen TV or a 19-inch custom-designed podium. The building information is explained in a way that the average person without an in-depth knowledge of green buildings can understand. Enermodal’s kiosks have achieved the LEED Innovation credit and have received positive feedback from clients. The kiosks have also been a profitable addition to Enermodal’s green building service offering. The kiosks have been installed in dozens of buildings across Canada and the U.S., including the 50-story RBC Centre in Toronto; the city hall building in Cambridge, Ontario; the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus police station; Purdue University’s new engineering building; and all of Enermodal’s Kitchener, Calgary, and Toronto offices.