Renewables Portfolio Development


Nextera Energy Resources (Juno Beach, Fla.) for its leadership role in owning and developing utility-scale wind and solar power in North America. With more than 8,200 MW of existing wind power capacity in the United States and Canada, the company, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy, produces roughly 20% of wind-generated electricity in the United States. Nextera Energy Resources is also co-owner and operator of the largest concentrating solar power generating plant in the world, the 310 MW SEGS facilities in California's Mojave desert. In 2010, the company added more than 700 MW of renewable energy to its portfolio.

Nextera is also a major fossil and nuclear power producer, with about 6,700 MW of natural gas generation capacity, 800 MW of oil-fired plants and more than 2,500 MW of nuclear power capacity. Nextera Energy Resources also owns 22 hydropower generating units in Maine with a total of 360 MW of capacity.

For future growth of its generation portfolio, Nextera intends to focus most of its resources on solar and wind. "NextEra Energy Resources plans to add approximately 3,500 mw to 5,000 mw of new wind generation and approximately 400 mw to 600 mw of new solar generation in 2010 through 2014," states its Q3 2010 report, noting that renewable portfolio standards in 31 states require electricity providers to secure renewable power for between 10% and 25% of their usage (higher in California) by 2025.