Business Achievement: Mergers & Acquisitions


Gold MedalTetra Tech, Inc. (Pasadena, CA) for completing five significant acquisitions during its 2011 fiscal year. The acquisition of Quebec-based BPR, a multidisciplinary consulting and engineering leader, brought on board more than 1,600 employees and $170 million U.S. in annual revenue. Tetra Tech next acquired Fransen Engineering (Richmond, British Columbia). As part of Tetra Tech, Fransen has more than doubled its headcount, rapidly expanding its service offerings in water treatment and tailings management for Canadian oil sands producers. The acquisition of Proteus EPCM Engineers (Perth, Australia) established Tetra Tech's presence in Australia, where the high-growth economy is driven by strong demand for natural resources. Proteus, which has about 150 employees and $30 million U.S. in annual revenue, is also serving as a gateway to new markets across Asia and Africa. Tetra Tech also brought on board its first Latin American acquisition, 60-person Metalica Consultores (Santiago, Chile). Finally, Tetra Tech acquired PRO-telligent (Arlington, VA), a firm with $100 million in annual revenue and 600-plus staff, including highly specialized, security-cleared foreign affairs and international development experts.

Silver MedalTRC Companies, Inc. (Lowell, MA), for its execution in 2011 of a highly successful acquisition program to support the company's growth strategy. In addition to investing in organic growth initiatives, TRC is focused on pursuing strategic acquisitions to enhance its service lines and expand in the Midwest and Texas. Its acquisition of Alexander Utility Engineering (AUE) established a foothold in the growing communications engineering market, expands our power engineering presence in Texas, and advances our overall growth strategy in that region. AUE's strong customer relationships and access to various vertical markets presents a number of cross selling opportunities. TRC also acquired the Environmental Business Unit of RMT, Inc., adding depth and capability to its service portfolio and significantly expanding its presence in the Midwest and Texas. The acquisition also provided access to a deep roster of industrial clients and opens substantial cross-selling opportunities. Finally, TRC acquired The Payne Firm, Inc., thereby enhancing its position in the private equity transactions market and legal sector, and complements our Exit Strategy services through cross-selling opportunities. The addition of Payne expands our North American footprint, strengthens our presence in the Midwest and opens access to international project work through the Inogen Environmental Alliance.

Bronze MedalCDM Smith Inc. (Cambridge, MA) for its 2011 acquisitions of Wilbur Smith Associates (Columbia, SC), a consulting firm that specializes in transportation, infrastructure, and community development planning, engineering, and economics, and E3 Consulting Australia Pty Ltd., an environmental science and engineering consultancy with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, Australia. Wilbur Smith Associates employs about 1,000 at 56 offices in eight countries and has completed projects in more than 100 nations. E3 specializes in environmental assessments, remediation, sustainability, and coastal and water resources management for public- and private-sector clients. According to an industry analyst, CDM Smith's acquisition of Wilbur Smith was noteworthy because it demonstrates that employee-owned buyers can play in the M&A game along with the large publicly traded companies, and that employee-owned buyers and sellers can combine smoothly.

Honorable MentionEnerNOC, Inc. (Boston, MA), for acquisitions that propelled the company into new client segments and new geographies. In January 2011, EnerNOC acquired M2M Communications, a provider of wireless machine-to-machine technologies that allow even the most remote businesses and operations to participate in demand management programs. This technology gives EnerNOC, which currently manages approximately 7,000 megawatts (MW) of demand response, access to a largely un-penetrated market-agricultural demand response. According to EnerNOC, this market potential is estimated to be more than 10,000 MW in the United States and even more worldwide. EnerNOC also acquired Energy Response Pty Ltd, the largest demand response provider in Australia and New Zealand. This acquisition significantly strengthened EnerNOC's presence in western Australia's and marked its entry into eastern Australia's electricity market and the New Zealand electricity market. Energy Response was active in capacity, energy, and ancillary services markets and had established the largest network of commercial, institutional, and industrial demand response providers across Australia and New Zealand.