Technology Merit: Remediation


Soil-Therm Equipment, Inc. (Agoura Hills, CA) for deployment of its Remediation Monitoring and Control (ReMAC) capabilities into every remediation system it built in 2012. Whether use on a small blower package or a large chlorinated oxidizer system, ReMAC provides access to operational information and allows system operational changes through proprietary software and internet cellular access modems. Through ReMAC, operators can make changes to blower speeds, flows, alarms, vacuums, and timers, and reset or shut off the machine at any time. Project managers are able to access quarterly report data, oversee proper operation, and view alarms before getting to the site, thereby letting lets them know if they need to bring any special parts or tools on next visit. All operational changes and system monitoring can be accessed using an application for iPhone, iPAD, or laptop computer connected to the internet. Travel and operations and maintenance time and costs are significantly reduced, according to the company.

Sovereign Consulting Inc. (Robbinsville NJ) for its design and installation of an in-situ ozone sparging system to remediate soil and groundwater impacted with petroleum and chlorinated hydrocarbons (primarily chlorobenzene) at a former chemical storage facility in southern New Jersey, a site that is concurrently undergoing redevelopment. The ozone sparge system covers approximately 10 acres of source zone and includes 416 individually controlled, nested sparge points with an output of 180 pounds per day of ozone, a total of 520 standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) of sparge air, and a soil vapor extraction (SVE) capacity of 1,500 scfm. The system design considerations incorporated site geology, hydrogeology, contaminants, worker safety, system flexibility, green and sustainable remediation, and present/future infrastructure. Within three months of system start-up, 12,000 pounds of ozone were injected, and through chemical desorption and stripping, SVE has collected 10,000 pounds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and 40,000 pounds of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPHs) of the estimated 350,000 pounds of VOCs and TPHs.

Hepure Technologies, Inc., sister company of remediation firm ARS Technologies, Inc. (New Brunswick, NJ) for the development and broad deployment of its Ferox Flow reactive zero valent ion (ZVI) powder. The newly launched Ferox Flow technology has been specified as the amendment choice for a number of large-scale in situ chemical reduction projects last year, with a total of 18 projects in the United States and Canada completed in 2012. According to Hepure, Ferox Flow is extremely effective in reducing concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and metals in soil and groundwater. The company claims the technology can achieve 90% reduction in contaminant concentrations after a single injection event. In addition, Ferox Flow is a viable sustainable remediation solution based largely on the fact that it is made from recycled materials and has no negative environmental impact to the existing soil properties on which it is exposed.