Business Achievement: Large Firms (more than $100 million)


Gold Medal ► O’Brien & Gere (Syracuse, NY) for four consecutive years of 8 to 10% average annual revenue growth, ending 2013 with $220 million in revenue, and even higher rates of growth in profitability and backlog. The foundation of this growth is O’Brien & Gere’s commitment to its rigorous, rolling, and adaptive business planning cycle, called Checking Our Progress and Adaptive Change (COPAC). Through COPAC, O’Brien & Gere promotes employee engagement at multiple levels in a process that implements ongoing adjustments to the company’s strategic plan in response to changing market conditions. In 2013, to better support the company’s clients, O’Brien & Gere employees engaged in a higher level of brand understanding and promotion than ever before. In addition to increased focus on brands and markets, other critical factors to O’Brien & Gere’s success have included strategic investments, diversification, and improvements in project delivery. Employees also have remained focused on the heart of the company—a mission of creating a better future by making a difference each day through philanthropic activities.

Silver Medal ► TRC Companies, Inc. (Lowell, MA) for executing a successful turnaround that has resulted in increased revenue and profitability, growth in its stock price, and a resumption of the company¡¯s acquisition campaign, following a change in management and strategy in the mid-2000s. Revenue had flattened out following several years of solid growth in the 1990s and early 2000s, in part due to the fact that many of the more than 40 companies it had acquired were not adequately integrated into the company. After Chris Vincze took over as CEO, TRC moved aggressively to integrate its separate pieces under a single brand and accounting system, operate more effectively on a national scale, and generally pursue profitable growth and performance excellence. The turnaround strategy was essentially complete as of the spring of 2013, and the company has enjoyed 6% growth in net service revenue to about $350 million this year, accompanied by 8.1% in EBITDA on net service revenue. The company also began acquiring again in 2011 and picked up five operations in 2013.

Bronze Medal ► Tetra Tech, Inc. (Pasadena, CA) for growing its international and U.S. commercial businesses from 40% of net revenue in 2008 to over 60% in 2013. These two client sectors are the company’s fastest growth markets, led by U.S. commercial programs that are expected to increase approximately 10 to 15% in 2014. The growth was driven by strong demand for Tetra Tech’s water and environmental services provided to oil and gas and industrial clients. In addition, climate-related services accounted for one of Tetra Tech’s fastest growing markets in the U.S. government sector. Tetra Tech increased its revenue from climate-related services in international development projects by 30% in 2013, in particular growing its revenue with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to more than $250 million. Tetra Tech secured six new USAID contracts that support climate change adaptation and mitigation activities, totaling $1.8 billion in increased contract capacity.