Business Achievement: Mid-size Firms ($20 million to $100 million)


Gold Medal ► Element Markets (Houston, TX) for generating revenue in excess of $58 million in 2013, an 18% increase over 2012. Element Markets is the largest environmental commodities firm in North America, covering multiple markets including biogas, renewable fuel credits, emissions, carbon, and greenhouse gases. During 2013, the company experienced a transformative shift through its entry into the biogas markets, and it is now poised for a large revenue and net income increase in 2014 due to the long-term contracts for biogas that began delivery in mid-2013. The biogas contracts will serve as the foundation of the company’s revenue for the long duration of the agreements, through which Element Markets transports biogas from landfill collection facilities to natural gas fueling stations, where it is used to power natural gas vehicles such as trucks and buses. Element Markets has expanded its business to physical biogas and associated environmental attributes and plans to expand its presence in the renewable energy and renewable fuel markets associated with biogas based on this success.

Silver Medal ► EORM (San Jose, CA) for a third straight year of consistent, double-digit revenue growth. EORM¡¯s annual revenue for 2013 grew 28% over the same period in 2012, and over the last three years has averaged a 33% increase per year. Net service revenue averaged a similar 31% over the three-year period. Operating profit more than doubled from 2012 to 2013, and has seen a four-fold increase over the three-year period. EORM also increased its full-time employee count 31% since 2012 and has nearly doubled its count since 2011. The company attributes this sustained growth to above-expected demand for services in new markets identified in its strategic plan: in sustainability, healthcare, and clean energy technologies; in the focus areas of ergonomics, management systems, and construction environment, health, and safety (EHS); and in global EHS services to assist technology manufacturers, particularly those with third-party manufacturing operations in Asia, with responsible supply-chain practices. As part of its acquisition strategy, EORM began realizing increased revenues from expanded environmental services following it third-quarter 2011 acquisition of Sigma Engineering Services, Inc. (Oxnard, CA). For the second year in a row EORM was ranked the number one environmental firm in the Silicon Valley by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.