Social Contribution


Golder Associates Corp. (Atlanta, GA) for completing the 10th successful year of its Golder Trust for Orphans (GTO). In 2003, the employees of Golder Associates, a global design and construction, environmental and engineering consulting company, started the Golder Trust for Orphans to help put their company value of "caring" into action. Their plan was to raise funds that they would give to organizations in Africa who were caring for children orphaned by the AIDS pandemic. The funds would be used to start small businesses, the revenues of which would go back to the charity, creating more sustainable futures for the children. Over the past 10 years, Golder's employees and operating companies have raised more than $3 million U.S. that has gone directly towards the projects. The funds have been used to support 14 organizations in seven African countries, positively affecting the lives of over 2,500 AIDS orphans and their caretakers. Over 50 Golder employees have spent time volunteering on site at orphan care projects supported by the GTO. To celebrate a decade of making a difference, Golder kicked off a program to have $10 donated for each new "like" on the GTO Facebook page. Beginning on July 10th and running until September 10th, the campaign resulted in over 3,700 new followers and raised a total of $36,760 for the charity.

Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc. (GES; Neptune, NJ) for its role as a key technical content provider for the new Pennsylvania Water Well Handbook, a publication developed by the Shale Alliance for Energy Research Pennsylvania (SAFER PA) to serve as a valuable resource for private water supply owners. The handbook, in print and interactive online versions) offers important information related to domestic water supply systems, including aquifers, proper construction, potential pollution sources, well maintenance, water quality standards, and water treatment. GES is a member of the board of directors of SAFER PA, an independent, not-for-profit organization that collaborates with academia, government, environmental organizations, the natural gas industry, and other stakeholders to advance technology, analysis, and education in support of the safe and sustainable development of Pennsylvania shale resources.