Technology Merit: Remediation


CH2M HILL (Denver, CO) for the installation and operation of eight solar-powered bioreactor systems in five states and Puerto Rico. In 2013, bioreactors treated over one million gallons of contaminated groundwater using only solar energy for power. Bioreactors utilize organic mulch-filled excavations with groundwater recirculation systems powered by solar energy. This combination of enhanced bioremediation and solar-powered pumping has significantly reduced the time to complete cleanup at these sites. The remedy has achieved over 95% reductions in trichloroethylene (TCE) and other chlorinated solvents with minimal maintenance or oversight. The carbon footprint of a bioreactor is less than 10% of an equivalent pump and treatment system. CH2M HILL's bioreactor systems have been featured in EPA green remediation case studies and publications. The bioreactor technology was a contributing factor in CH2M HILL's success in winning and executing the Air Force performance-based contracts in 2013.