Project Merit: Energy Efficiency


Institute for Industrial Productivity for becoming a valuable source of information and expertise about industrial energy efficiency. At the heart of this work is IIP's website, with five comprehensive databases on energy efficiency policy, technology, supply chain initiatives, financing and programs.

These databases contain a rich set of resources to help decision-makers in governments and industry develop and implement policies and corporate practices that will dramatically reduce greenhouse emissions and increase productivity in the industrial sector.

The databases are reviewed by local experts in each country and are continually updated so that content is relevant and up-to-the-minute. They have become a formidable resource for governments, industry and NGOs across the world, particularly in the US, China and India, three of IIP's priority countries.

Traffic to the site has increased three-fold in the past year: 12,486 unique visits in October 2013, up from 3,459 in October 2012.

A non-profit organization, IIP says it is the only global organization solely dedicated to helping reduce industrial energy use to mitigate climate change and address other relevant environmental issues. IIP has a global team and network of independent experts that provide advice on industrial energy efficiency. It also works at national and local levels to improve energy efficiency policies, practices and technology adoption.