Ownership Transition & Industry Leadership


EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC (Hunt Valley, PA) for its execution of two key changes in its ownership structure and corporate registration—becoming 100% owned by its employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) and registered as a public benefit corporation (PBC) under Delaware law. The company says that these changes were implemented to enhance the firm’s long-term sustainability and make EA a “first-mover” among major national environmental companies. By putting the company at the forefront of a dynamic market shift toward responsible and sustainable business practices, the changes further advance EA’s distinctive culture and mission while enhancing the value created for its employees, clients, communities, and the environment. As a 100% ESOP, the economic power generated by EA is fully dedicated to growing the company and building the retirement benefits of its employees. Adoption of PBC status is in perfect alignment with the company’s environmental mission, the employees’ interest in supporting their communities, and EA’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. As a PBC, the company will plan, measure, report, and promote its specific public benefits as it remains focused exclusively on the delivery of professional environmental services.