Technology Merit: Air Pollution Control


ClearSign Combustion Corp. (Seattle, WA) for its Duplex technology, a burner architecture that drastically improves the environmental performance of stationary combustion systems. A major source of global emissions is the combustion of hydrocarbons in industrial boilers, burners, kilns, and furnaces, in everything from manufacturing facilities to oil refineries and power plants. The Duplex technology facilitates control over flame shape, pattern, and heat distribution to reduce the formation of harmful pollutants like nitrogen oxides (NOx) by up to 95%. In addition, the Duplex burner improves the fuel efficiency and throughput of combustion systems. For the first time, says ClearSign, air pollution control is not just a mandate-driven cost of doing business, but an economic and profitable endeavor across the board. The Duplex technology easily integrates into virtually any burner, in both vertical and horizontal configurations. In 2014, ClearSign secured customers in Bakersfield, California, deploying the Duplex burner in refinery and oil-field applications.