Technology Merit: Remediation


Soil-Therm Equipment, Inc. (Agoura Hills, CA) for its development and site-testing of new thermal technologies for cleaning contaminated soil using high-performance gas-fired burners for injecting heat into sealed radiant wells. According to the company, the new gas-fired heating process is less expensive to operate and provides faster soil heating, lower heating costs, and less equipment in the field than other types of in situ thermal desorption (ISTD) heating technologies currently on the market. The new technologies include the DWR-1 DownWell burner, which can produce up to 300,000 Btu’s per hour of heat at temperatures to 1850F, pressures of up to 20 pounds per square inch, gauge (psig), and flows of up to 250 standard cubic feet per minute (scfm); the DWR-1HE DownWell burners with integrated heat exchangers that recover valuable exhaust heat after soil heating, resulting in 80 to 88% “effective heat to soil” energy utilization of propane and natural gas fuels; and the SVE Extraction System with the DWR-CL3 DownWell gas-fired oxidizer burner/heater for destroying extracted volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chlorinated vapors in an 8-inch sealed well casing while creating heat for contaminated soil heating during ISTD operations.