Project Merit: Air Quality


AECOM Technology Corp. (Los Angeles, CA) for its support of Kuwait Oil Company’s (KOC) implementation of an award-winning air quality improvement program that is setting the standard for collaboration between oil companies and government agencies throughout the Gulf Region. The objective of the Air Compliance Management Program is to improve Kuwait’s overall environment and public health. The first-ever joint venture of its type between industry and regulators, the five-year program was launched in 2011, when Kuwait was identified as one of most polluted countries in the world. KOC, aware of its responsibility to enhance and sustain the environment, commissioned AECOM to develop a legislative and policy framework for the program. The company subsequently developed a system providing real-time measurement of pollution across the country, pioneering a national air quality inventory with research-grade dispersion modeling techniques to determine human health risk. AECOM is now developing an emissions abatement and reduction program and has begun establishing an on-line permitting system for pollution control while conducting extensive personnel training. AECOM is also undertaking an innovative source apportionment study, utilizing satellite-based techniques to define pollutant source contributions. The air quality program recently won the first-place award at the 26th Session of the Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for the Environment, presented by the United Nations assistant secretary general.