Industry Leadership: Low Carbon Power


DNV GL for providing invaluable analytical insights, technical resources and consulting to support the low-carbon transformation of the electric power industry. The firm’s expertise in this realm has been boosted considerably by acquisitions of industry leaders, KEMA, Garrad Hassan and GL Renewables Certification in the last several years. DNV GL’s 2014 contributions and accomplishments in the area of electricity sector transformation include: Began working with TU Delft and Berenschot to develop for Top-sectorEnergy, the Dutch Government’s energy advisory group, a road map for energy storage in the Netherlands; Developed a new solar inverter testing service to lower the risks and costs associated with deploying inverters; Achieved the highest score out of six participants in a blind test of wind flow modeling—an important tool for estimating wind power output and financing prospective wind projects in complex terrain—run by European energy giant E.ON; Co-founded with ABB, Alliander, ICT Automatisering and Stedin, a Universal Universal Smart Energy Framework Foundation to support development of smart energy products, services and solutions; Issued a “manifesto” pledging to support 25% cost reductions for offshore wind through joint industry projects to improve design, engineering, installation and operations; optimizing monopole design standards by improving crew transfer technologies, supporting application of HVDC transmission technology and other measures. The firm also continued its management of Power Matching City in the Netherlands, one of the few advanced demonstrations of real-time load balancing technologies that manage distributed renewable resources and energy storage; and it continued using its portable simulation facility to educate grid managers, project developers and city planners about the opportunities offered by smart grid technologies and distributed energy resources.