Project Merit: Energy Efficiency


Ameren Illinois and its consultant Leidos Engineering for milestones achieved by Ameren's ActOnEnergy Program. Over seven years, ActOnEnergy initiatives have enabled Ameren Illinois customers to save more than 2,800 gigawatt hours of electricity and more than 27 million therms of natural gas. The program has produced more than $190 million in total energy savings across 42,000 square miles of service territory. In 2014, ActOnEnergy exceeded its energy savings goals while spending $6.3 million less than allotted. The program awarded just under $11 million in electric and almost $2 million in gas incentives.

Leidos Engineering for supporting a large U.S. automaker to reduce energy intensity from all of its U.S. facilities by 20% by 2020. With Leidos integrating an energy management program into the automaker's overall business model, the firm is ensuring continuous efficiency improvements across the entire global organization. Among the top scheduled program improvements: replacement and retrofit of existing lighting fixtures with lightweight fluorescent or LED fixtures; and installing new gas-fired air handling units, piping and controls as part of three steam elimination projects at separate locations representing more than 2.5 million square feet.