Technology Merit: Energy Efficiency


First Fuel for leveraging its Remote Building Analytics (RBA) software platform to enable the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to identify $15.6 million in annual energy savings through 1,000 remote audits of 54 million square feet of buildings, according to First Fuel. First Fuel’s RBA can evaluate a building’s energy consumption patterns remotely and produce an actionable energy audit much more quickly and cheaply than conventional methods. The audits were conducted in 15% of the expected time and cost GSA several million dollars less than what the agency had expected to pay, according to FirstFuel. Sixty percent of the identified energy savings could be achieved by operational changes. One audit at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center enabled building managers to identify poorly controlled HVAC fans that were causing consumption spikes; with improved control, the GSA is saving more than $500,000 a year. FirstFuel uses building meter data and weather data to find opportunities for energy savings through either operational changes or equipment retrofits. It has been backed with more than $20 million from global power and energy company E.ON as well as VC investors Nth Power, Rockport Capital and Battery Ventures.