Technology Merit: Climate Risk Management and Adaptation


Four Twenty Seven and Climate Earth for launching a climate risks analytics application designed for companies concerned that extreme weather events will disrupt their supplier network, halt operations, and cost money in lost production and sales. The firms are both early stage start-ups. Four Twenty Seven is a small boutique climate adaptation consultancy and sustainability. Climate Earth is a data and software company focused on modeling environmental impacts. Each firm has fewer than a dozen employees each. But within the first nine months of launching their joint Climate Change Risk Management (CCRM) application, they have sold and deployed it to two Fortune 100 companies in the consumer goods and pharmaceutical sectors. According to Four Twenty Seven, one client used the findings to raise the issue of environmental risk and natural resources dependency with senior leadership as part of a five-year strategy process. The other is drawing upon the results to reassess their raw materials sourcing strategy. The partnership blends the environmental impacts modeling expertise of Climate Earth with Four Twenty Seven’s ability to screen for climate change impacts and analyze risks and probabilities. Supporting CCRM is the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN) that tracks countries’ levels of preparedness to deal with climate disruption and other global shifts.