New Practice Areas


Marstel-Day LLC (Fredericksburg, Va.) for its innovative Environmental Gaming practice. Based on in-depth analysis of the increasing importance of environmental drivers to private, public, and governmental organizations, Marstel-Day's flexible gaming practice allows clients to explore tactical and strategic responses to a wide range of scenarios, from long-term impacts like environmental events and trends to short-term emergencies like floods and wildland fires. The service includes developing client-specific scenarios involving stakeholder networks, client missions and operations, natural factors, and feedback mechanisms, which are explored in a hosted game to inform creation of robust, adaptive strategies. Marstel-Day has developed pilot scenarios for water shortages and flooding in the Central Plains, deep-water drilling accidents in a climate-altered Arctic, and drought- and wildland fire-threatened electrical infrastructure in California.

EA Engineering, Science, and Technology Inc. (Hunt Valley, Md.) for a new platform of services around emerging contaminants (ECs). Having secured over $5.5 million in EC investigation and remediation for projects to date, EA has proven that experience in scientific research can be used to launch a new practice area. For over 10 years, EA has conducted scientific research on the safety and toxicology of consumer product constituents, evaluating their potential to cause adverse ecological or human health impacts. In 2015 EA firmly established a practice group in ECs, drawing on scientific research experience to address environmental and public health risk posed by ECs in our nation's water resources. Projects include a $1.7 million remedial action at three locations to address soil and/or groundwater impacted by 1,4 dioxane and other contaminants, and investigating the presence of perfluorinated compounds in groundwater, which has resulted in the installation of drinking water treatment systems and system performance monitoring.

TRC Companies (Lowell, MA) for its extensive work supporting the decommissioning of coal power plants. The firm provided plant owners with engineering, permitting and construction services for seven projects in 2015. TRC has worked on nearly 20 coal plant decommissioning projects since 2008. In many cases, projects have included supporting the development of new efficient gas turbine power plants, hastening the United States' transition to a cleaner electricity supply and helping achieve reductions of greenhouse gases. Through 2015, TRC supported National Grid in replacing two coal-oil-gas steam turbine generating stations in New York with new gas turbine technology. For these projects, TRC provided health, safety and environmental plans; pre-demolition surveys; plans and specifications; procurement; and construction support services. Altogether 17,000 gross tons of non-ferrous steel were recycled at the two sites, in addition to 2.5 million pounds of copper and 6,000 gross tons of masonry.

MWH Global (Broomfield, CO) for the launching of a new platform to house its management consulting services called Hawksley Consulting, named after Thomas Hawksley, a 19th Century visionary in the area of public infrastructure. Hawksley Consulting will focus on the water asset management needs of utilities, government agencies, and private companies. Hawksley Consulting provides local solutions to global clients ranging from strategic planning, organizational assessment and financial planning services in the U.S. to predictive analytics solutions and stakeholder engagement services in Australia. Experts also provide guidance to the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the Planning Institute of Australia, the American Water Works Association, the Water Environment Federation and other industry-leading organizations. Hawksley Consulting started 2016 with the acquisition of Burton & Associates (St. Augustine, FL) a financial management services firm experienced in developing financial plans and cost recovery strategies for local governments, adding 17 utility and government financial consultants.