Project Merit: Recycling


Korea Environment Corporation (Keco, Incheon, Republic of Korea) for advances in its electrical-electronic equipment and vehicles waste recycling through its ICT-based Eco-Assurance System. Korea’s Eco-Assurance System (EcoAS) has been enforced since 2008 for the life-cycle management or recycling of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) or e-waste. The program has built the infrastructure to systematically and accurately manage EEE recycling performance using an ICT (information and communication technology) based operation and management system. The ICT system has increased user convenience and led to performance in excess of the annual recycling goal of 4.5kg/ person to 5.09kg/ person in 2015. Improved economic benefits resulting from an increase in the EEE recycling volume instead of using landfill/incineration were estimated at $157 million.