Technology Merit: Information Technology


ICF International (Fairfax, Va.) for using its Ecosystem Diagnosis & Treatment (EDT) model to assist the Colville Confederated Tribes Okanogan Basin Monitoring and Evaluation Program (OBMEP) with recovery of ESA-listed salmon and steelhead in the Okanogan River sub-basin, a tributary watershed of the Columbia River. ICF integrated EDT with OBMEP's long-term habitat monitoring to create a platform capable of systematically translating large amounts of empirical data into useful habitat performance metrics. ICF completed the second habitat status and trends analysis using the Okanogan EDT model in 2015, demonstrating that the integrated platform provides an effective tool for meeting Biological Opinion requirements at less than 25% of the cost of other tributary watershed monitoring programs. The Colville Confederated Tribe is using EDT model results to prioritize the allocation of $20 million in annual funding for habitat restoration actions, property purchases, and water rights acquisitions.

Groundwater & Environmental Services Inc. (GES, Wall, N.J.) for implementing an innovative solution that has nearly halved the cost of the compulsory water quality sampling at a public drinking water system. GES is completing a design/build/operate project consisting of a 900,000-gallon per day public drinking water system for a community in rural Pennsylvania. Recent changes to the state's Surface Water Identification Protocol (SWIP) require daily monitoring of each of the system's three supply wells. The GES solution uses remote-start generators, data logging, and remote monitoring of the data through a web portal. Modified on-site generators power an electric submersible pump in each supply well for the required purge volume while continuously collecting geochemical parameters. Using the same web portal, separate devices remotely monitor water level, precipitation, and stream levels. On-site requirements have been reduced to weekly coliform sampling and periodic equipment inspections while maintaining compliance with all water quality requirements.

CH2M for Flood Modeller Pro, the company's flood modelling software package, which had its origins in the 1970s and has been improved ever since. The latest generation was released during first quarter 2015 and is part of the Flood Modeller Suite that has more than 25,000 users globally representing public and private sector clients, industry policy makers, and academics. This industry standard software is benchmarked (validated) and adopted by many governments throughout the world, including England's Environment Agency. Flood Modeller Pro provides clients with a flexible and cost-effective range of tools for proactive decisionmaking to help manage the environment and the challenges associated with flood risk. It is suitable for a wide range of engineering and environmental applications, from calculating simple backwater profiles to modelling entire catchments to mapping potential flood risk for entire countries.