Technology Merit: Stormwater


Tetra Tech (Pasadena, Calif.) for harnessing real-time control systems to manage the movement of stormwater runoff. The company has partnered with TreePeople and the Greater LA Water Collaborative to provide sustainable solutions for water management. In November 2015, the group unveiled an innovative smart cistern system to optimize stormwater capture while also managing torrential El Niño rains. As part of a pilot program, Tetra Tech retrofitted a 1,320-gallon cistern on a Los Angeles home, estimating that annual rainfall of 12 inches would produce 7,000 gallons of water from its 900-square-foot roof. The system has real-time monitoring sensors and controls that detect when rain is expected, predict how much rain will fall, estimate the tank’s capacity, and determine when water needs to be released into a rain garden created on the property. The rain garden allows water to recharge underground aquifers associated with the city’s local water supply. The pilot program is expanding to several locations throughout Los Angeles County.