Business Model Innovation: Energy and Carbon Management


ChargePoint, the world's largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network with more than 25,000 charging points in the United States, for leading the transformation to electrified personal transport by providing networked charging stations and mobile apps that allow EV drivers to plan their travel and refuel with greater freedom and security.

In 2015, ChargePoint teamed up with Green Charge Networks to start deploying battery storage systems at charging points. This feature may be critical for charging station operators to avoid economically crippling demand charges from local electric utilities. It will also be important to maintaining grid stability as electric vehicles gain larger shares of vehicle markets. According to, by Q3 2015, the two firms had already backed up five EV charging stations in Redwood City, Calif. They saw a reduction in annual demand charges (based on peak demand at any point over a year) by $7,000.

Two of ChargePoint's latest innovations are a multi-family service in which drivers can get EV charging in their assigned parking spot and a networked residential charger that works with the Nest smart thermostat and is managed with the ChargePoint mobile app.