Business Achievement: Small Firms (less than $15 million)


Gold Medal ► Herndon Solutions Group (HSG), an SBA 8(a) woman-owned business, for increasing annual receipts in 2016 by 1600%. Founded in 2008 to provide environmental services, emergency response planning, and sustainability management, HSG has steadily expanded its core services to include industrial hygiene, occupational medicine, fitness and rehabilitation, and employee assistance programs. HSG also serves as the majority owner and managing member of an SBA Joint Venture—Integrated Mission Support Services LLC—thatwhich in October 2015 was awarded a $101 million, five-year NASA Kennedy Space Center Environmental and Medical Contract (KEMCON), making HSG a prime cContractor for the nation’s premier Multi-User Spaceport. In the first 11 months of the contract, HSG has already served a critical role in NASA’s meeting complex challenges such as EPA Title V permit modifications and RICE/NESHAP requirements, detailed legacy asbestos liability survey and assessment, recycling and sustainable acquisition policies, and re-starting the aerospace medicine ground and emergency support programs for NASA’s return to manned space launch.

Silver Medal ► Sundance Consulting Inc. (Pocatello, Idaho) for 2016 revenues of $11 million, marking an increase of $10 million or 770% since 2011. During this five-year period, Sundance opened seven satellite offices and hired 50 employees, increasing its workforce by 350%. With a backlog of more than 18 months, the company has raised its 2017 year-end revenue target to $14 million, up 22% from the previous forecast. Instrumental in propelling growth has been the firm’s contract—Formerly Used Defense Site Information Improvement Plan Support—with the USACE-Albuquerque District, valued at $4 million, and in providing environmental services at Fort Wingate Depot Activity under multiple contract vehicles. Equally critical has been the establishment of an SBA Mentor Protégé Agreement with EA Engineering, Science, and Technology in June 2014. The two firms have collaborated on more than a dozen projects valued at nearly $1 million; most recently, the Sundance-EA Associates joint venture was awarded a NAVFAC-Pacific contract for nNatural rResource mManagement, with a pool of five contractors and a total value of $49 million.

Bronze Medal ► Mabbett & Associates Inc. (Bedford, Mass.) for a major strategy change leading to exceptional 2016 results in the Federal sector in terms of new clientele, proposal capture and project backlog. Mabbett currently has an approved Federal project backlog of more than $18.5 million and annual sales in 2016 of $7 million. In 2015, Mabbett addressed certain U.S. Federal government procurement strategies that were negatively impacting growth. Namely, Mabbett decided not to pursue lowest price technically acceptable (LPTA) procurements but to focus instead on opportunities under the Brooks Act and other best value procurements where decisions are based on technical competency, qualifications and experience. Highlights of Mabbett’s 2016 Federal successes include a $15 million+ five year IDIQ contract for comprehensive imbedded environmental, health and safety services on a worldwide basis for the U.S. Missile Defense Agency; and a $3 million one-year contract with the U.S. Army, Center for Public Health to provide industrial hygiene survey services at 15 U.S. Army installations.

Bronze Medal ► Marine Taxonomic Services Ltd. (MTS, San Marcos, Calif.) for record-breaking performance in 2016. From 2009-2016, gross revenues increased an average of 30% year over year, a 572% increase in the last seven years from historical averages, pushing MTS well over the $1 million mark, a huge milestone for this small business. The company was established in 1990 and historically earned revenues of $150,000 per year until 2009 when Seth Jones replaced his father Howard Jones as President and CEO and expanded the company’s capabilities. To support the firm’s growth trajectory, MTS hired statistician and senior biologist Dr. Robert Mooney in 2012. With a focused approach on expanding project management, field services and dive services, in addition to growing laboratory capabilities, MTS fills a unique niche in the environmental consulting industry with design, field sampling, sample processing, invertebrate sorting, taxonomy, statistical data analysis and interpretation and reporting. MTS works worldwide and has extensive experience in the Eastern Pacific from the Arctic to Baja California, in addition to the Atlantic, Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico.