Business Achievement: New Investment


Clean Harbors Inc. (Norwell, Mass.) for completing construction of the first commercial waste incinerator to come on line in the past 20 years. The unit highlights a four-year, $120 million expansion at Clean Harbors’ El Dorado, Ark. fFacility and is the most technologically advanced incinerator of its kind ever built in North America. It is also Clean Harbors’ largest investment in a facility in its 36-year history and brings 120 jobs to the area. New equipment nearly doubles the facility’s capacity from 90,000 tons of material annually to approximately 160,000 tons; it employs world-class air emissions control technologies and is engineered to dispose safely of the most dangerous and toxic byproducts of manufacturing across a range of industries. Destruction in high-temperature incinerators has been determined by the EPA to be the Best Demonstrated Available Technology for safely destroying hazardous waste, and the company says the emissions from the air pollution controlled stack will be equivalent to two vehicles idling in a parking lot.