Project Merit: Water Quality


PBS Engineering and Environmental (Portland, Ore.) for collecting and analyzing nearly 55,000 water samples for schools, universities and hospitals in the Pacific Northwest in the wake of the Flint, Mich. drinking water contamination crisis. Several states, including Oregon and Washington, quickly disseminated guidance programs, and in some cases, funded testing in schools. Districts scrambled to have testing done before kids returned to school in September. Most of the sample collection was done over a very short time (about three months). In addition to coordinating and managing the collection of so many samples, PBS worked closely with Verdant Web Technologies Inc. and its labs to quickly develop a new web application to efficiently upload results directly from the labs and to provide a secure platform for the data so it could be stored, searched, cataloged, and easily accessed by facility staff and interested parties. PBS continues to partner with Verdant to deliver solutions and data management systems to help multi-facility organizations to best manage their environmental risks and evolve their EH&S programs.