Project Merit: Redevelopment


SCS Engineers (Long Beach, Calif.) for a phased investigation and design program at COMM22, an award-winning mixed-use, mixed-income, transit-oriented development developed by Bridge Housing in San Diego, Calif. SCS addressed the change in use from a former maintenance facility for buses to multi-family residential with below grade parking. Issues included leaking underground storage tanks (USTs) and fill soils containing toxic metals, including lead. Groundwater and soil to were delineated and SCS successfully closed the UST case with the Department of Environmental Health, allowing the start of site redevelopment. Additional pre-construction characterization and three dimension data analysis resulted in time and budget savings. Careful soil profiling allowed for direct loading of impacted soil and reclassification of soil types leading to a reduction in hazardous waste disposal costs. SCS used its regulatory knowledge to characterize segregated soils as “inert” and therefore reduced soil disposal costs by approximately $500,000. Under its CA contractor’s license, SCS conducted both site mass grading and monitoring and segregation of excavated fill soils and waste profiling for its proper transport off site. Careful soil management also resulted in the prevention of 151.52 tons of CO2 emissions.