Technology Merit: Remediation


WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff (Montreal, Quebec) for successfully treating dissolved chlorinated solvents in fractured bedrock groundwater using an innovative in situ approach at a site in Pennsylvania and achieving promising initial results at two more bedrock treated sites in Missouri and Arkansas. The technology enables groundwater cleanup where historic mitigation alternatives were limited to plume management using technologies such as pump and treat. The technology stimulates both abiotic biogeochemical transformation via biogenic formation of iron sulfides and biotic reductive dehalogenation using a single application of a completely soluble multi-component multi-functional amendment formulation. The amendment formulation works synergistically to minimize inhibitions along either degradation pathway and is a significant improvement over traditional colloidal based formulations (e.g., zero valent iron) that can clog bedrock fractures and divert groundwater flow to unaffected areas and more soluble formulations with a limited in situ longevity.