Technology Merit: Water


Tetra Tech (Pasadena, Calif.) for designing an innovative stormwater capture project for Lakewood, Calif. (just north of Long Beach) using smart systems to improve water quality and meet irrigation needs in the drought-stricken region. Stormwater runoff will be redirected through a pre-treatment system to remove trash, debris, and sediment. Following treatment, the water will be conveyed into a storage and infiltration facility and used to irrigate the city's Bolivar Park. This system will satisfy 100% of the park's annual 9.5-million-gallon irrigation requirements for landscaped areas, which are currently met with potable water. Tetra Tech used real-time controls to improve the stormwater capture system's capacity, including sensors in the underground storage facility and the infiltration chamber. The facility connects to National Weather Service data through a cloud-based system, and if rain is expected the system evaluates whether it has the capacity to avoid flooding. If the system does not have enough storage capacity, it will evaluate other options such as reducing the diversion rate, increasing irrigation, evaluating the infiltration rates for groundwater recharge, or discharging filtered stormwater back into the channel.

AECOM (Los Angeles, Calif.) for designing and building a granular activated carbon (GAC) treatment system to remove perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) from a public water facility in Wood County, W.V. and for accelerating the project timeline due to a potable water ban on the city's drinking water. AECOM prepared a design and permit package in six weeks and activated an operational system six weeks later. The project involved well water evaluation, verification of a water distribution model, treatment process design, permitting, construction, start-up, and O&M of the GAC systems. AECOM worked with multiple stakeholders to achieve significant milestones, lifting the drinking water ban prior to a regulatory deadline.

Aquatech International (Canonsburg, Pa.) for attracting a minority equity investment from Ecolab Inc. (St. Paul, Minn., parent of Nalco Water), a $13.5-billion global industrial water treatment leader. Aquatech employs about 600 people worldwide specializes in minimal liquid discharge (MLD) and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) technologies for industrial and municipal water management, the design and engineering of complex water treatment solutions to improve water quality and reduce net water usage, and in providing a suite of technologies for water reuse and recycling. Devesh Sharma, Aquatech's managing director, said: "There is no better sales network and partner than Ecolab/Nalco, in terms of breadth and depth… The goal is to use our respective capabilities to provide total water management."